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Setup & Installation Information

Root Certificate Authority:

  • If you're getting a message that says something similar to "This machine has been certified by an unacceptable certificate authority. Do you want to continue?" every time you check your email, go here and follow the instructions.

Mail Servers:

DNS Information:

  • Domain Name: Biz.Net
  • Servers:

From Windows95 or Windows98 go to "Dialup Networking" and create a new network connection called "BizNet". Use the phone number that is local for you and the login/password you were given when you signed up. After you have created the dial up connection, drag it to the desktop to create a shortcut. You can then connect by double clicking the shortcut and hitting OK.

You will also need to configure your mail reader. For Netscape 4.x you should create a profile and answer the questions using the info above.

Access numbers:

To look up a phone number (California area only), please type your phone number into this form.

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